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Get on Board

Group lessons

$60 per person

Next available in Winter School holidays

Never surfed before? No worries! 

We specialise in teaching all ages, fitness and skill levels.

You will have the opportunity to learn basic surf skills and ocean awareness and safety from qualified surf instructors.

Group lesson times vary day to day as we time our lessons with the best tides.

Contact us today to learn more or book.


Private Group lessons

$80 per person

Available all year round

Prefer to have the lesson catered to you and your family or friends?

Then the private group lesson is for you! ​

We will work with you to pick the location and time to best suit your group. ​

Private group lessons require 2 or more people to sign up.


Individual lessons

$120 per person

Available all year round.

Can't make the timing of the group lesson? Feeling a bit nervous about being in a group? Then this lesson is for you!

The individual lesson will be catered to you and your skill level.


Breaking Through

$40 per person

Intermediate style lessons

All year round.

I am excited to announce a lesson for those who are progressing from beginner to advanced beginner/intermediate!

This lesson option is specifically designed for people who are ready to push their limits from the white wash to out the back and are capable of paddling and catching beginner waves (white wash and/or rockwall).

You must bring your own surfboard and wetsuit to join this lesson.

It will be a small group of only 4 people (maximum), with Kirsty as your coach.

1.5 hour per session, lesson times change each week.

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