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I have never surfed before, can I join a lesson?

Definitely! We specialise in teaching complete beginners, all ages and fitness levels! It is normal to be nervous, we are there to help every step of the way.

Basic swimming skills are necessary.

What do I bring/what do you supply?

We supply learner friendly surfboards, wetsuits and rashies :)

You need to bring swimmers/boardies, towel, water and sunscreen.

We are unable to share our water and sunscreen due to Covid restrictions.

Where do we meet/surf?

Lesson location is decided on the day, as we check the conditions in the morning and figure out the best spot. The two beaches that are a possibility are Camel Rock and Moorehead beach in Bermagui.

We always meet in the carpark at our van, as that is where our surfboards and wetsuits are stored.

We let you know the location at least 30 minutes prior to the lesson.

How do I pay/How much is it?

School holiday bookings are paid in advance as we do book out. 

Outside of school holidays, we accept cash or EFTPOS (with a small surcharge for eftpos).

Group lessons are $50, Private Group lessons are $70 and Individual lessons are $100.

For more info on the different class types head to our "classes and courses" tab under "menu"

What's involved in the 2 hour lesson?

There is no need to arrive early to our surf lesson's.

Here is what's involved:

  • First 15 minutes: Introductions, putting on wetsuits, handing out surfboards and walking to the beach.

  • 15 - 45 minutes: Warm up and stretch, beach safety chat, learn about ocean awareness and surf knowledge.

  • 45 minutes onward: Surfing! 

  • Last 5 minutes: Walk back up the beach and take off wetsuits.

Our lesson plan's do vary group to group. This is just a guideline :)

Cancellations and refunds

We offer a full refund if the cancellation is 24 hours prior to the booking.

We also offer full refunds if the conditions are unsafe. Examples of this are extremely large swell or lightning storms.

We do surf in the rain and if it is cloudy :)

Which surfboard should I buy?

First of all, if you have done a lesson with us, we are very happy to help

you figure out the surfboard you used in the lesson as a guide.
We are also happy to bring down a variety of different sized surfboards to a lesson, so you can try before you buy!
Otherwise, I recommend:
☀️ Ages 5 - 7: 5'6ft foam surfboard
☀️ Ages 8 - 12: 6 - 7ft foam surfboard
☀️ Ages 13 - 15: 7 - 8ft foam surfboard
☀️ Ages 16 and up: 8 - 9ft foam surfboard
Age and fitness level comes into the equation. If you are older or lacking in fitness, you may want a bigger board (they are easier to balance on!).
The most common mistake learners make when buying surfboards, is buying a surfboard that is difficult for them, with hopes of improving quickly.
The issue is, if your surfboard is too small, you are likely to get disheartened and give up.
If you get an appropriate sized surfboard, you can still improve quickly! You can always sell it and get a new one after a year.
Lastly, our favourite brand is Softlite surfboards. They are based in Sydney. They make awesome, durable soft boards and we love them! 
This is all just my opinion from my experience 😊
If you have any questions, I'm always more than happy to help to make sure you get the right board for you or your grom!

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